Website policy

All information provided on this resource is for informational purposes only and is not aimed at discrediting or damaging the financial activities and reputation of international companies. As soon as company no longer has any business activity on Russian market, information about it will be immediately deleted.

All references to the support by these companies of Russia's military aggression in Ukraine are conditional and only reflect a possible relationship between taxes paid to the budget of the Russian Federation and the financing of military operations on the territory of Ukraine. The given amounts of annual revenues and taxes paid by international companies to the budget of the Russian Federation do not in any way confirm the facts of the purchase of weapons by the Russian Federation for these exact funds.


Annual financial figures are taken from open sources Yale school of management, Forbes, Ukrainskaya Pravda and Companies financial reports and represent data for one financial reporting period of a year from the entire period of operation of companies in the Russian market. For some international companies, the amount of taxes paid to the budget of the Russian Federation was calculated based on the indicators of other international market participants (a conditional multiplier of 10%-11% was taken as the basis), the representativeness of the given amounts of taxes paid cannot guarantee complete reliability and may differ significantly from the actual, so it is conditional.

All of the above international companies are not direct sponsors or accomplices of the war and actions equating to genocide or terrorism committed by Russian troops in the course of the war with Ukraine; any references in this context are conditional and are given as part of their mention by officials or the media. Any references to international companies relate exclusively to their activities in the Russian Federation and do not affect the markets of other countries.